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Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is a key piece of your overall personal wellbeing and includes:

  • how much or little money is available to you and your personal relationship with money
  • how prepared you are for a change in your finances, both positive and negative
  • how confident you are in making smart financial choices and building a solid foundation for your future

Wellness Wheel

wellness wheel depicting spiritual, physical, cultural, occupational, social, financial, environmental, intellectional, emotional, and sexual wellness.

Getting prepared for life after LSU starts now–gain confidence in your financial decisions today with these resources:

Boost Your
Budgeting Power

Budgeting is a tool for prioritizing saving and spending. A successful budget will help you manage money confidently and prepare for emergencies and financial goals.



Your Salary

Negotiating your salary shows your employer that you are confident in what to have to offer in the workplace and understand what your skillset is worth in the market. 

How to Negotiate your salary


Fitness Center

Campus Federal Credit Union provides LSU students access to free courses on dozens of financial literacy topics like credit management, investing, and retirement planning.

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Get Advice

Decrease your stress around finances and increase your financial literacy with group or one-on-one appointments offered only in Fall and Spring semesters.

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Campus Financial Resources

Gain more confidence in your finances–right on campus.

OFF-CAMPUS Financial Resources

The No. 1 resource for student loans and financial aid.

Access your financial life in one powerful app.

Check your credit and learn how to improve your credit score.

Exercise your federal right to receive free annual credit reports.


Earn Money by Working on Campus

Where students find on-campus jobs

Students develop career skills, build community, and make money to meet educational expenses while working on campus. LSU offers a variety of student employment experiences across many academic and administrative departments, allowing students to seek out work experiences that fit their interests and skill set. 

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About the Student Financial Management Center

The Cale P. & Katherine Smith Student Financial Management Center serves as a resource hub for students, alumni, faculty & staff; to provide support & financial literacy education to increase your financial understanding and improve your overall wellbeing.