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About the Institute for Energy Innovation

LSU is working with global energy leaders and industry and communities in Louisiana to find new ways to fuel the nation—a core focus of the university’s Scholarship First Agenda. The LSU Institute for Energy Innovation, launched in June 2022 with a $25 million gift from Shell, will serve as a national model for energy-related collaboration at the intersection of science and engineering with cross-disciplinary work across LSU’s broad range of academic areas.

Through the institute, leaders in energy-related thought, talent development and industry are investing in the pursuit of a shared vision for the future of energy rooted in five work streams: talent, research and development, policy and economics, social and environmental justice and technology transfer and commercialization.

Learn more about LSU’s commitment to energy innovation through its Scholarship First Agenda.

Meeting the Nation’s Future Energy Needs

Setting a New Standard

“Energy represents a central driver of Louisiana’s economy, and Louisiana buttresses the nation’s energy supply, putting LSU in the unique position to partner with industry to discover innovative methods to fuel our nation. Together with Shell, we invite fellow industry leaders to join us in pioneering the research and development pathways forward to protect and preserve Louisiana’s energy economy, while meeting the nation’s future energy needs.”

—LSU President William F. Tate IV

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Our Research Focus

The LSU Institute for Energy Innovation is an independent academic research institute focused on advancing scholarship, discovery, outreach and commercialization in these areas:

The institute engages in collaborative research, recognizing that different stakeholders possess unique insights, knowledge and expertise that can enrich the research process and enhance the relevance and impact of the research outcomes. By involving stakeholders from the outset, the institute’s objective is to foster mutual learning and co-production of knowledge that can lead to more effective and sustainable solutions to complex problems that challenge the global energy transformation.

“Shell and LSU have a long history of taking care of Louisiana.”
— Lee Stockwell, Shell

Watch how Shell’s catalytic $27.5-million investment in LSU and the new Institute for Energy Innovation is advancing reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy in Louisiana for the world.


Latest News

The potential impact of carbon sequestration on the environment has been a local hot button issue for years, fueled largely by a lack of credible data. A team of LSU researchers led by Frank Tsai, a professor in LSU's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, hopes to change all that.

Director Brad Ives was a guest at Axios’ May 13th broadcast event looking at how Louisiana is building a cleaner energy infrastructure for the future. In the interview, Brad discusses the recently awarded $160 million NSF Future Use of Energy in Louisiana (FUEL) grant and its use, LSU Institute for Energy Innovation’s overall goal of carbon reduction, carbon sequestration and specifically the institute’s role in projects like Lake Maurepas, the integrity of the institute’s and LSUs research process, and the need for more engineers.

While harnessing wind energy at sea is still in its early stages in the United States, Louisiana workers and companies are uniquely positioned to play an outsized role in this new sector, just as they have for the past century in offshore oil and gas.