No Two Tigers Have the Same Stripes, but we all ROAR

The Division of Engagement, Civil Rights & Title IX is dedicated to fostering an environment that embraces the active participation of all members of our campus community.

COmmunity Commitment 

We believe that engagement is essential for creating a vibrant and enriching university experience. We strive to provide equal opportunities for students, faculty, and staff, ensuring that everyone has the chance to thrive and succeed. Our commitment extends to creating a safe and accessible campus, where individuals can feel secure and supported in their pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. Above all, we prioritize excellence in all aspects of our work, aiming to uphold the highest standards of education, research, and service.

William F. Tate IV

Message from President William F. Tate IV

As we begin a new year, we enter with a renewed sense of commitment to our university community and to the state of Louisiana. We are in the final stages of preparing our long-awaited system and flagship strategic plans, and in advance of that unveiling, we will begin implementation of a central and unifying theme: engagement.

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Questions and Answers

LSU will continue to fulfill its land-grant mission of enriching the lives of the citizens in Louisiana and communities beyond.  This includes our dedication to fostering an environment that embraces the active participation of all members of our campus community.  We believe that engagement is essential for creating a vibrant and enriching university experience. 

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When we engage the multitude of talents and experiences present on our campus, we unlock LSU’s fullest potential.

Todd ManuelVice President, Engagement, Civil Rights & Title IX
Todd Manuel

Engaging All Tigers

The success of our university is intricately tied to the active engagement of our entire campus community, including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. By fostering a culture of collaboration, interaction, and continuous learning, we create a vibrant ecosystem that thrives on the collective contributions of all its members. Through strategic initiatives and meaningful partnerships, we aim to create a positive impact and strengthen our connection with the broader LSU community.

The Division of Engagement, Civil Rights & Title IX is committed to supporting and empowering each individual, ensuring equal access to opportunities, and fostering an environment where everyone can thrive and succeed. Together, we can unlock the full potential of our university and create a lasting impact that extends far beyond our campus boundaries.

Learn how we help all Tigers roar below.

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Student Engagement & Impact

Student Engagement & Impact enhances LSU’s ability and capacity to help students succeed.

Our team is dedicated to supporting students from all backgrounds throughout their educational journey, ensuring their access, development, and ultimate success. Through collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives across campus, we provide comprehensive support in four specific areas of focus:

  • Leadership Development
  • Career Readiness and Workforce Development
  • First Year Experience, College Readiness, and Mentoring
  • Health, Safety, and Wellness

Our Engagement Centers, including the Clarence L. Barney Jr. African American Cultural Center, Intercultural Center, LGBTQ+ Center, and Women’s Center, also serve as hubs for some of these initiatives. By fully engaging with the university community and availing themselves of our support, students are empowered to pursue excellence and thrive. We invite you to explore and learn more about our work.


Strategic Initiatives

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Institutional Engagement & partnership

Institutional Engagement & Partnership uses data-informed practices to strategically support and partner with faculty, staff, alumni, and other stakeholders.

The team collaborates across the LSU community supporting the development and delivery of a variety of initiatives and assessing overall impact.

Institutional Engagement

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Civil Rights & Title IX

The Office of Civil Right & Title IX ensures our campus is safe, accessible, and in compliance with state and federal discrimination laws.

The office is led by the Vice President of Engagement, Civil Rights & Title IX and is located in 118 Himes Hall, a central location on campus and an easily accessible space for students in need. The LSU Office of Civil Rights & Title IX oversees the university’s compliance with:

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Civil Rights
  • Title IX enforcement and procedures

Civil Rights & Title IX